American Pinball Oktoberfest

Experience the world famous Oktoberfest, year round, with Pinball on Tap! Travel around the festival, visiting over a dozen tents and collecting steins for each. Thrill at the exciting rides, including the amazing Corkscrew rollercoaster! Enjoy fantastic music, food, and drink to round out the ultimate Oktoberfest adventure.


  • Multiple wireform ramps including the Awesome Corkscrew Roller Coaster, with twin loops and a zig zag

  • Rollercoaster Shack & Beer Barrel 3-ball lock mechanisms

  • RGB lighting for both feature inserts and general playfield illumination

  • Otto the Bartender – Interactive target and ball lock assembly

  • Three flippers

  • Three bumper car pop bumpers

  • Three slingshots

  • Four magnets, two of which are player-controlled via MagNab cabinet button

  • Ramp that raises and lowers

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 29″
Height 75″
Length 55″

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