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  • Innovating Your Vending Experience

    AirVend is an attachable touchscreen accessory that allows operators to become more engaged with their vending experience. It is a touchscreen vending peripheral that allows existing vending machines to accept a wide variety of payment options and display nutritional information in compliance with new federal regulations. Take the next step to increasing revenue and sales with a new AirVend device.

  • Our strongest, most durable self-checkout kiosk

    This standalone unit offers both flexibility and durability, and is our only unit with the capability to dispense both cash and coins. With the ability to handle cash, credit/debit cards and user account payments, the Cash-Coin Kiosk is the ideal MicroMarket solution for businesses with both one-time and routine users. The Cash-Coin Kiosk is built with a fully-enclosed powder-coated steel body which is ideal for deployment to harsh or rugged locations

  • Our newest installment to the 365 line, bringing unmatched versatility to foodservice.

  • Our newest installment to the 365 line, bringing unmatched versatility to foodservice.

  • The nanomarket kiosk easily affixes to a counter top and offers wireless connectivity which makes installation as frictionless as possible. With the nanomarket kiosk cashless payment option via the credit card acceptance via swipe you can leave your cash at home. The built-in barcode 2D scanner allows consumers to both scan products and utilize 365s new payment app.
  • Blox Breaker is a classic skill game with a unique and magical twist. The player throws balls on different targets that appear on the screen. As soon as a ball touches the screen, it continues its trajectory into the digital realm, all while maintaining its speed. With the right propulsion and aim, the player can reach the targets. Two players can compete side by side to find out who has the better pitch”and gets the most targets!
  • Introducing the first holographic redemption game, Playing an addictive game in a see-through 3D display. Just out of this world Explore the Sweet! and Tasty! world of Candy Crush Saga™ in this fun match-three style game. Switch and match your way through 15 levels in this Delicious! puzzle to win the super bonus.
  • BRINGING THE EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL MOBILE GAME TO THE ARCADE!!! Players must navigate their way across busy roads, train tracks, and over rivers to go as far as they possibly can. With each successful jump, players are awarded a ticket. Crossy Road utilizes a massive 65 inch monitor and is covered in flashing LEDs which makes it a real eye-catcher.
  • Fast, fun and exciting!
    Put your reflexes to the test by hitting the minions as they appear.
  • Fans will discover an 8-bit, endless adventure with Disney Crossy Road, as they hop, dodge, and slide their way through busy lanes of traffic. In Disney Crossy Road, play with your favorite figurine form Disney and Pixar worlds like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jack Sparrow, Wreck-It Ralph, Sadness and more!
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