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  • A spooky themed new family game from UNIS. Zombie Nights challenges the players to eliminate the Zombies in 6 different types of environments. Zombie Nights is played in 2 dimensions, video and mechanical. The players are required to aim at the screen and fire balls at the screen and also at the moving mechanical zombies. Zombie Nights has been testing now for 6 weeks and the earnings have been apocalyptic.  Zombie Nights is proving to be a high earning family product.
  • World’s Fastest Drummer® Extreme Sport Drumming is an international speed drumming competition enabled by the Drumometer (Patent #6,545,207)–a device that is used to count drum strokes. Now, the competition comes to your local arcade!
  • Superior Data Protection. The ePort G10-S operates under the highest level of PCI compliance and security standards in the industry. USAT is certified by the VISA C.I.S.P. program and as an additional security measure, all ePort hardware passes the documented requirements for a PCI Level 1 audit regularly.
  • The ePort G9 telemeter can be used as part of the two-piece ePort G9 card reader and telemeter package or as a stand-alone, audit-only device (and with other card reading hardware), sending M2M telemetry data such as DEX, XLS, CSV or other forms of machine/kiosk operational data via the ePort Connect network. The ePort G9 Telemeter is compatible with most major route management software systems and allows an easy upgrade to cashless later.
  • All of the functionality of USAT's popular, NFC-enabled ePort G8, plus new features. The ePort G9 includes all of the functionality of USAT's NFC-enabled ePort G8, plus new features designed to bring more value to businesses through expanded acceptance options, consumer engagement offerings, and advanced diagnostics.
  • The Alpine Combi 3000 combination refrigerated & frozen food vending machine is our new high capacity stand alone cold and frozen food machine that fits through a 32" doorway from the leading vending machine manufacturer. - Two machines in one. Refrigerated foods from the top ice cream and other frozen foods from the bottom.
  • The Alpine ST5000 single temperature refrigerated food vending machine brings together the versatility of two machines into one cabinet. Flexible enough to dispense a wide variety of sodas, juices, dairy products and other foods best served cold. 
  • The Evoke Combo 5 Elevator merchandiser brings together the latest in vending technology, enhanced merchandising and attractive styling. With up to 60 selections (standard configuration is up to 50 selections with five trays of ten selections per tray), along with a soft elevator delivery, the Evoke Combo 5 Elevator offers maximum product versatility. The soft elevator delivery allows you to vend fragile items such as sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit cups, and carbonated beverages from all trays and ensures optimal product rotation through First-In First-Out (FIFO) loading.

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