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  • Fast, fun and exciting! Put your reflexes to the test by hitting the minions as they appear.
  • Fly through the obstacles and win ton of tickets! Available in standard and "MINI" versions.
  • The most popular fruit-slicing action game in the world! Slice fruit, don't slice bombs - that's all you need to know to get started with the addictive Fruit Ninja action.
  • Get behind the wheel of six iconic Hot Wheels cars. Each machine has two cameras that take player snapshots. Drive through three exciting racetracks and be the king of the road! Each player is identified to their racing car. Players always know where their cars are in the race, further increasing the sense of competition!
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos is an arcade game for 2-4 players. It offers the same exciting gameplay as the classic tabletop game, but in a spectacular giant size! The players ride hippos and the goal of the game is to collect as many marbles as possible. The hungriest hippo wins! This game will appeal to the whole family!
  • A classic game with a new twist! Collect tickets throughout the levels and try to reach the bonus wheel to win big! Four players can play this wacky game at the same time!
  • Are you a sharp shooter? Compete with buddies to stop the Rabbids invasion of Hollywood. Shoot all the crazy creatures during a four-player adventure and explore 3 different movie sets. Warning: comes with edgy humor and never-ending fun! Rabbids Hollywood was created in partnership with Ubisoft and features the popular Rabbids: 14M video games sold, 230 TV episodes and more than 1B online views.
  • Team up with other players and battle against increasingly difficult waves of enemies and push your limits to the very edge!
  • The classic game that ties you up in knots!

    Twister is a 4-player arcade game featuring the same gameplay as the classic party game, but with some twists and turns. The players have to adopt increasingly difficult positions by placing their feet on red, blue, yellow and green spots on the ground. They also have to place their hands on the colored spots on the wall. Right foot red, off to a good start. Left foot green, you’ve got this! Left hand blue… Wait, is that feasible? The last standing wins! Families can join in the fun together.
  • The player throws balls to smash and eliminate zombies. As soon as a ball touches the screen, it continues its trajectory into the digital realm, all while maintaining its speed. With the right propulsion and aim, the player can reach targets. Two players can compete side by side to find out who has the better pitch - and smash the most zombies!

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