The arcade gamer’s worst nightmare: cruising through their favorite game, ready to set a new high score — only to run out of quarters. Can they make it to the coin dispenser and back before time runs out? Or worse, are they out of cash? It’s an all-too familiar experience for many arcade goers. If only they could use their credit card to pay, that way, the fun doesn’t have to stop! Consumers spent over $85 million at amusement machines in 2022, and with the nostalgia-fueled resurgence in arcades, operators can cash in by going cashless.

Are you looking to increase profits at your amusement and gaming venue? Consider investing in card readers! Going cashless is a great way to guarantee secure payments, track customer information, reduce costs, and more. Read on to explore all the benefits of card readers for amusement and gaming venues to help you make an informed decision.


How do cashless card readers work?

Card readers are automated machines that accept payment cards such as credit and debit cards. They allow customers to make payments without the need for coins or cash. Card readers are a great way to upgrade amusement and gaming machines, providing customers with convenience and security.

Card readers attach to your existing coin-operated video game cabinets and work by scanning the user’s card and verifying the payment information. This data is then processed, and the transaction data transmitted to a remote online dashboard, giving you full visibility into machine sales and performance.


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Investing in card readers can help improve overall security for businesses dealing with sensitive customer data. With the robust encryption standards and authentication processes built into these devices, businesses protect their customers’ personal information from unauthorized access or misuse.


Benefits of going cashless for amusement and game venues

The benefits of cashless payments for amusement and gaming venues are clear. By attaching a card reader to an existing machine, you can support multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.

In Cantaloupe’s 2023 Micropayment Trends Report, they found that of the $85 million spent at amusement machines in 2022 — only 32.85% of all transactions were cashless. But cashless payments made up nearly 74% of total sales volume! That eye-opening statistic shows how consumers are using cards and mobile wallets to make purchases at amusement machines, rather than cash.

Machines with cashless payment options avoid gaming disruption. When consumers can swipe or tap their card at a machine, the average purchase rises to $5.32 compared to $0.93 for cash. Cashless payments make it much easier to play multiple rounds. No scrambling for change, no running to the ATM or coin machine — just uninterrupted play. And for the operator, uninterrupted pay — a whopping 5x more pay!


Improving efficiency and reducing costs

By streamlining payment processing, businesses can gain a better understanding of their income and cash flow. Cashless payments give businesses the flexibility to adjust pricing based on demand. This allows them to maximize profits without compromising customer satisfaction.

By embracing cashless payments, amusement and gaming venues can unlock a world of benefits. From secure transactions and improved customer convenience to increased profits and streamlined operations, card readers offer a seamless and modern solution. So, if you’re an arcade operator, it’s time to embrace the cashless revolution and upgrade your machines today. The future of gaming is just a swipe away.

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