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Yoke Self Checkout Point of Sale

We live in an on demand world.

Yoke is a self-checkout point of sale system designed for micro markets. It is the most scalable technology platform in this industry because it was created specifically for the fastest growing segment.

Our Payments Mission

It is our mission to provide businesses the freedom to focus on what they do best. With Yoke you’re not just getting point of sale software, you’re getting a technology partner. Our user-friendly platform, simple training, easy on-boarding & 24/7 support guarantees you’ll never be on your own while growing your micro market footprint.

Self Checkout Point of Sale

The Yoke Payments software is specialized for micro markets, unattended retail shops that typcally go into corporate break rooms, gyms and hotels. We make it possible for customers to simply grab an item off the shelf, scan the bar code and swipe their credit card to pay. This gives shoppers the ability to skip waiting in long lines at the register and get on with their day, while freeing up merchants to expand their business.

Yoke App

We’re excited to present the most reliable payments software on the market. Currently there are two simple ways for customers to checkout with this user-friendly application. The first is our sleek wall mounted iPad terminal, and the other is our revolutionary smartphone app. Customers love having the freedom to choose how they would like to pay. They can walk right up to the in-market terminal, or put the cash register right in their hands by downloading our iOS & Android smartphone apps.

Inventory Management Software

Available on both desktop and mobile devices, we provide a user-friendly platform that allows you to keep track of what’s happening in your business. Every time a product is purchased, that data is communicated in real-time. With the click of a button you have a snapshot of what items are on the shelf and what’s been sold, llowing you to know what products to re-order & re-stock. We provide a wide range of sales reports & analytics to help track key performance indicators, allowing you to more efficiently run & improve your business. All of this data can be viewed, shared, and exported at your convenience.

Accounts Payable

Up until now, AP has been looked at as a purely overhead department. Not anymore! Let us do the heavy lifting by automating your vendor payments and turning them into a revenue generator. Your vendors will now accept safe, secure, virtual credit card payments that allow you to earn a cash back rebate on every dollar you spend. Monitoring and keeping track of spending is effortless and reconciliation is a breeze.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy From the initial training and onboarding to integration and implementation, you can count on us to be there every step of the way. Our knowledgeable account managers and support teams are available for our customers 24/7. We want to welcome you into the family and are always more than happy to answer any questions and concerns that might come up along the way.

Market Environments

Our payments software is the perfect tool to eliminate the friction between merchants and their customers by creating a great experience for everyone involved. We are currently servicing customers all across the country. Our most common environment today is corporate offices, but you can also find us in:

  • Resorts & Clubs
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Gyms

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