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VRsenal V² Vader Immortal Lightsaber Dojo

Activate Legions of Star Wars Fans


  • Two-player virtual reality cabinet!

  • Rock-solid performance and uptime proven out over the last three years in almost 500 locations!

  • HTC Vive Pro headsets shrouded in custom nylon armor, and outfitted with a re-engineered head strap to get players in and out fast!

  • Bulletproof, custom controller cables that rarely need replacement!

  • Automated headset and controller retraction system to keep the equipment safe and out of the way between plays!

  • Dual 65″ LED monitors protected by quarter-inch windshield glass!

Specifications Location Dimensions
Screen Size 65″ TV Mounted Vertically
Height 8′ 1″
Total Footprint 32 Square Ft


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