UNIS On Point

On Point highlights the very best in advanced airsoft technology and creates an incredibly realistic simulation of real-world target practice.
The game features both single player and multiplayer game modes with numerous different games to choose from.
Equipped with a high-precision BB pellet hit-position detection system, On Point creates a truly authentic 100% skill-based experience!


  • 8 thrilling games (4 multiplayer and 4 single player)

  • Advanced airsoft technology uses real bb pellets

  • Realistic airsoft BB pistols equipped with gas blowback and Lighter tracer

  • Impact-absorbent soft plastic barrier protects the screens and slows the pellets

  • Elite safety features & sensor technology: shooting range sensor and obstacle sensor

  • Advanced leaderboards

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 105″
Height 85″
Length 93″

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