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Team Play Pixel Pics

Our latest photobooth brings more fun than ever!

The Fun Stop Photos GEN 3 booth features an awesome Color Changing Camera Topper, 24″ HD LCD Touchscreen, a brand new smartphone like interface with fun interactive borders and stickers.

Customers can choose from multiple print formats like the standard 4 picture 2×6 photo strips, 2-Photo 4×3, 4-photo 2Ãx3 and single photo 4×6. Operators can add custom borders, logos and advertising. Gen 3 supports all social media outlets. English, Spanish and Portuguese Language Options are currently available.

Specifications Location Dimensions  Shipping Dimensions 
Width 31″ 40″
Height 80.5″ 86.5″
Depth 47″ 52″
Weight 570 lbs 630 lbs

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