Designed for competition play and enjoyed by foosball fans of all skill levels, the Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Foosball Table is the industry’s choice for professional-quality foosball. Proudly made in Bay City, Michigan, USA the Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Foosball Table is a great addition to any home game room, bar, arcade, dormitory or wherever you want high-paced, action-packed foosball fun.

All Shelti foosball tables feature the materials, construction and durability found in commercial use tables, including; solid-core legs, centerless ground urethane balls and patented Shelti counterbalanced men.

Counterbalanced Men

Stay “parked” anyplace within 360º.

High Strength, Automotive-Grade ABS Construction Men

Reinforced stress points, computer-tested at ball speeds over 100 mph.

“Stay-In-Play” Field Trim

Provides very slight rise along playfield walls so balls can’t come to rest.


3½” x 3½” Legs Solid polymer with levelers.

Full-Perimeter Playfield Support

Screw-fastened to sides and under goal walls for consistently rigid/responsive play.

Ball Server Hole with “Ball Hold” Recess

Injection Molded, Grit-Abraded Urethane Balls

Enhanced ball control. Centerless ground for true roll.

Cabinet Apron Ht: 


Cabinet Apron Surface: 

“Figured Mahogany” Laminate

Laminate Cabinet Wall Thickness: 



Stainless Steel QPQ .120″ with Hardwood Handles


  • High-Pressure, Mahogany Laminate Exterior

  • No Exposed Cabinet Fasteners, Chip Resistant, True Furniture Quality

  • Side Ball Return

  • Retrieve Balls From a Play Position

  • 1½” Nylon-6 Rod Bushings

  • Long-Wearing, Natural Lubricity. Rods Ride on Just 4 Points on the Interior Bushing Surface—Deters Rod Binding When Pressure is Applied to Handles During Play

  • 3-Man Goalie – Full Field Play

  • Rattle Board – Sounds Goal Made

  • Double-Wound Spirol Pins Lock Men & Handles to Rods. No “slop”.

  • Octagonal Hardwood Handles

  • Includes: Set of 3 Balls, Spirol Pin Punch, Super Lube, Rod Block