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Minus Forty Single Door Refrigerator 19-USGR-L2


A slim, energy-efficient glass door refrigerator only 26½ inches wide features an eco-friendly, self-contained R290 refrigeration system that includes our Smartlock health timer and refrigeration controller. The Smartlock health timer safeguards stored food products by locking the merchandiser when a pre-set safe temperature limit is reached. The Smartlock system’s battery back-up ensures the food safety system functions during a power outage.

  • Energy Saver

  • Eco-friendly

  • Hazard & Food Safety Certified

  • LED lighting

  • Frost-free Operation

  • Low Maintenance Condenser

  • Energy-free Glass Door

  • 35°F

Specifications Location Dimensions
Height 78.75″
Width 26.5″
Depth 32.97″
Weight 278 lbs

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