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LAI Games Toy Frenzy

Up to 3 friends can compete or collaborate to free the suspended toys by shooting their ropes using over sized blaster cannons. Simple gameplay is perfect for a young energetic audience, but deeper layers of strategy to unlock bigger rewards gives the game mass appeal. Familiar characters and vibrant, high-definition graphics combined with intuitive gameplay, gives Toy Frenzy major curb appeal. Juicy lights, sounds and force feedback stimulate and reward the senses, creating an addictive replay value that keeps players glued to the game.


An easy to understand game with no instruction required, with multiple layers of rewards that unfold with each action.


Juicy gameplay through high definition graphics, lights, sounds and force feedback stimulates and rewards player’s senses.

Broad Appeal

Layers of rewards from simple ticket wins to completing a toy collection for a jackpot bonus caters to all level of players.

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Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 65.8″
Depth 43.5″
Height 93.1″
Weight 624 lbs

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