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LAI Games Prize Box

Pound for pound, Prize Box is the industry’s highest earner, with a price tag that should see it on every game list. Providing a fresh take on the crane game, Prize Box has a small footprint, attractive LED lighting and all-round glass top and sides for players to get a birds-eye view on the action. It looks stunning in multiples, won’t block the view through your game room and can fit that hard to fill space. The ability to fill prize box with virtually any plush makes it great for promotions, or just your average, every day, high-earning crane game.


  • Fill it with virtually any plush or prize (ask to see our White Claw case study!)

  • They do not block the view through a game room.

  • Group in units of 2, 3, 4 or more for a stunning display.

  • Arrange in any configuration, perfect for those hard to fill spots in a game room.

  • Games low cost and high earnings provides great ROI.

  • Earnings per square foot and weight are unmatched.

  • 4 units cost less than the average game.

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Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 33.6″
Depth 33.5″
Height 35.7″
Weight 315 lbs

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