Monster Munch gamifies the ticket counting process by allowing players to feed their tickets to one of our friendly Monsters. Each side of the cabinet feature a unique backlit character with graphics from head to toe, presenting a fun design to the players that covers the inner workings of the cabinet. A large bucket in the center of the cabinet keeps all tickets contained for easy maintenance, and a small internal blower over the ticket feeder clears ticket dust to keep the hardware running smooth. Cashing in their winning tickets is usually the last experience a guest has in your venue, make it memorable! With reliable internal components and head to toe cabinet design that attracts customers, our onsters are always hungry for more tickets!


Internal blowers to clear ticket dust. Up to 4 sides can operate at once. Large internal bin to contain collected tickets.


Turns a “chore” into an experience. Friendly cabinet graphics. Fun characters that cover a wide range of pop culture monsters.

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Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 29″
Depth 29″
Height 73.6″
Weight 220 lbs