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Kalkomat Combo Prize Comic

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Kalkomat Combo Prize Comic

This magnificent piece is two games in one, along with the appeal of a merchandiser. If you want to use the punching back, insert the credits and push the “Start Boxing” button. If you prefer to kick, push the Start Kicking button. The goal is the same as with any other similar machine, to hit either ball as hard as you can for the highest score. If you surpass a score level, you’ll win a prize from that category!


  • Free game mode

  • Difficulty levels

  • Works with bills and coins in all currencies and tokens

  • Works with coin- and bill acceptor simultaneously

  • Unbreakable record-setting

  • Manual high score resetting

  • Electronic coin acceptor included

  • Gleaming LED top

  • Space saver

  • Compact two-game machine (boxer + kicker)

  • Modern type soccer ball (without bladder)

  • Randomized prize number

Width 36″
Height 90″
Length 51″


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