Jennison Entertainment Ocean Pearls

Ocean Pearls is an innovative redemption game featuring a 110” transparent screen offering visually stunning graphics in an undersea setting. Players must skillfully maneuver their ball into location by dropping it into the playfield to win one of nine different score values or one of two different bonus features. Triggering either bonus feature offers a chance for big ticket wins and incites repeat play. Ocean Pearls features an expansive array of operator settings and will accommodate the most demanding setup requirements. With the games stunning graphics, attractive cabinet, and 350 watt sound system – it is sure to be the center piece of your location!


  • 110″ Transparent Screen

  • 350 Watt Sound System

  • Special Bonus Feature with High Ticket Payout

  • Advanced Graphics with Stunning Underwater Display

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 Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 58″
Height 102″
Length 60″
Weight 1680 lbs

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