Jennison Entertainment Intermission™

Intermission™ features 3 characters that have overtaken the concession stand in the Hollywood Reels™ Theater and are teasing the player to “buy” some goodies. The object is for the player to try and win each of the three character’s Jetty, Kernel, and Peggy. Each time a player successfully gets the coins into the proper characters receipt frame, that character stands up and begins dancing. After the players get the remaining characters, they will win the Bonus value of tickets. With the optional overhead header along with perfect timing, a player can win the progressive bank of tickets by winning all three characters with just three coins. Jetty, Kernel, and Peggy are spirited, so they won’t make it easy for the player to win ensuring that the operators are pleased with good returns.


Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 28″
Height 72″
Length 48″
Weight 350 lbs

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