Incredible Technologies Silver Strike X

Silver Strike X is the offline edition of the popular Silver Strike LIVE Silver Strike X offers players all the fun of its online counterpart, and is the perfect game to introduce players who want all the fun but don’t care about lifetime stats or achievements. Players can select all of the bowling features in Silver Strike LIVE without swiping a card. With each game players can choose from a variety of flashy bowling balls clothing options to enhance their game experience. And a new selectable game feature, Flash Bowling, adds to the variety and challenge.


  • Classic Bowling and Flash Bowling play options

  • Customizable bowlers and bowling equipment with each game

  • Vegas mode for additional side games

  • Available as Full kit, upgrade kit, & Showpiece units

  • Much More!

Specifications Location Dimensions w/ Stand
Width 24.5″ 25.5″
Height 38.6″ 85.75″
Length 29.6″ 53.25″
Weight 160lbs 220 lbs

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