Minimum energy consumption, with a large footprint that maximizes internal capacity.

Key Features:

  • BMAD refrigeration system, allow to cool down the interior and maintain the temperature range with a minimum energy consumption.

  • Electronic temperature controller, assures an optimal performance of the cooler, making the product temperature ideal for its consumption.

  • High efficiency glass door, with a double panel and a low-e film reduces the condensation. Self closing system allow the door to get back to its original position, taking care not to damage it.

  • LED lighting system, uses a portion of the energy of regular fluorescent lights, and need no replacement for seven years.

  • CFC and HFC free Cyclopentane foam, is eco-friendly and a high efficiency insulator.

  • Electronic fan motors, allow a better performance, using only a portion of the energy required by a shaded pole motor.

  • Low maintenance condenser, prevents dust from blocking air flow and thus saving energy and increasing compressors life.

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Exterior Dimensions  

Interior Dimensions  

Shelf Dimensions


24 7/8″ 21 7/8″ 20 7/8″


23 1/4″ 18 5/8″ 17 3/8″


53 3/4″ 39 7/8″


180.8 lbs

Capacity – 20 oz

126 Flat

108 Gravity

Power Consumption           

3.0 AMPS