IGT Universal Slant VGT Slot Machine

The IGT Universal Slant VGT video slot machine is designed for players who enjoy an immersive gaming experience. This slot machine features a 22” 16:10 MLD® display or a 23” 16:9 LCD display to ensure a realistic and entertaining gaming experience. The IGT Universal Slant VGT slot machine boasts 3, 4, or 5 mechanical reels in a slant to ensure optimal convenience. The video slot machine includes a full-featured Audiovox sound system that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

The IGT Universal Slant VGT video slot machine includes colorful lights that provide a stimulating experience for players. The lights on this slot machine utilize synchronized colors to match the theme of the game. The gaming machine is 27.8” wide, 30.8” deep, and 66.4” tall. This gaming unit is easy to install and setup. We recommend installing the IGT Universal Slant VGT slot machine in an area that provides optimal accessibility for service or repair. The video slot machine comes with reliable and efficient service, repair, and support provided by IGT.

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Players who enjoy immersive gaming experiences


  • Machine features designed to pique player interest

  • Brighter 22” 16:10 MLD® display or 23” 16:9 LCD display

  • 3, 4 or 5 mechanical reels now available in a slant

  • 14 edge-lit dynamic buttons

  • AVP® 3.0M electronics

  • Full-featured Audiovox sound system

  • New enhanced lighting attracts players from across the room and is now standard on the Universal Slant

  • Crown lighting, a vibrant topper and lighted cabinet features all use synchronized colors that correspond to the game’s theme*

  • Streamlined ergonomics and easier serviceability

  • More space allows for engaging player experiences

  • Runs current AVP® games and is server-based ready

  • Comes with IGT’s legendary service and support, dependability, and reliability

  • RoHS compliant


The only IGT slant with options for mechanical reels and MLD®

This premium cabinet has the ergonomics of a slant and the merchandising capabilities of an upright

Available on supported themes

Specifications Dimensions
Width 27.75″
Height 62.25″
Length 30.75″
Weight 310 lbs
Power Consumption 4.0 Amps, 390 Watts

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