IGT ProdiGi VuSlant Video Slot Machine


Value-Added Player Experience

The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant video slot machine features dual 22” wide LCD screens and multi-channel audio for enriched sound. The slot machine boasts award-winning full-color digital buttons that make the gaming experience fun and intuitive. The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant game machine includes game-driven accent lighting that provides a stimulating and energetic gaming session.

Innovative Technology

The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant slot machine game is engineered with the powerful sensys EP™ platform that includes full graphic and expansion capability. The video game machine handles fully downloadable content and is network gaming ready. The slot machine supports digital glass, vibrant full-color digital buttons, and a selection of popular peripherals.

Ergonomic Design

The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant video slot machine features a large armrest, dual cup holders, optimized LCD screen angles, a left/right-handed play button board, and a integrated footrest to provide enhanced player comfort and convenience.

Environmental Design

The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant video game embraces an environmentally responsible design and production methods, resulting in a 100 percent RoHS-compliant product, as well as increased energy efficiency for operators.

AVS Companies provides comprehensive service, repair, and support for the IGT ProdiGi VuSlant slot machine. Our support services are designed to help your establishment avoid downtime.


The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant video slot machine offers a selection of industry-standard peripherals. Digital buttons and second screen enable automatic game updates.


The IGT ProdiGi VuSlant slot machine is based on a proven design that maximizes uptime and makes servicing easy.


  • Dual 22” wide LCD screens

  • High resolution animated graphics

  • Multi-channel audio

  • Dynamic game content

  • sensys EP platform

  • Ergonomic player comfort

  • Award-winning full color digital buttons

  • Network-gaming ready

Specifications Dimensions
Width 26.38″
Height 73.25”
Length 34.69”
Power Consumption 3.5 Amps, 380 Watts

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