IGT G23 Premium Widescreen Upright VGT

The IGT G23 Premium Widescreen Upright VGT video slot machine provides a stimulating and entertaining gaming experience for your customers. This slot machine will make a perfect addition to your restaurant, bar, casino, arcade, or business. Adding a video slot machine to your business will increase customer satisfaction and entertainment. The game machine features a 23” 16:9 LCD display and a Audiovox sound system to meet your gaming needs. The state-of-the-art graphics and full-range audio effects on the video slot machine provide an addictive, stimulating, and enjoyable gaming experience.


The LCD display on the IGT G23 Premium Widescreen Upright VGT game machine provides optimal visuals and animations in dark or bright environments. The video slot machine features 14 edge-lit dynamic buttons that make it easy to see in the dark and interact with the game. With its colorful lights, this game will draw attention in your space and will increase customer satisfaction. The colorful lights on the slot machine are synchronized and correspond to the games theme. This video slot machine is compatible with current AVP® games. The IGT G23 Premium Widescreen Upright VGT video slot machine is 23” wide, 15.5” deep at the base of the cabinet to the back, 22.3” deep from the button panel bolster to the back of the cabinet, and 57.3” tall. This gaming unit is easy to install, repair, or service.

Premier service, support, and repair services are offered by IGT and AVS Companies to meet your needs. Our staff specializes at performing maintenance on slot machines to help you avoid unnecessary downtime at your establishment.


  • Slot players who enjoy games with high entertainment value

  • Built to enhance Core products; game play expands past the interface for added entertainment value

  • AVP® 3.0 Premium Electronics

  • Full-featured Audiovox sound system

  • New enhanced lighting attracts players from across the room and is standard on the G23v2

  • Crown lighting, a vibrant topper and lighted cabinet features all use synchronized colors that correspond to the game’s theme*

  • Runs current AVP® games

  • Comes with IGT and AVS’s legendary service and support, dependability, and reliability

  • RoHS compliant


Enhances the overall game play experience with a wider screen and premium IGT video slot platform

Specifications Dimensions
Width 24″
Height 53.5”
Length 22.25”
Weight 266 lbs.
Power Consumption 3.5 Amps, 380 Watts

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