IGT Crystal Slant Video Slot Machine


This video game machine includes a monitor with a 1920 X 1080 resolution to ensure a realistic and stimulating gaming experience. The main screen on this video slot machine boasts PCT Touch Technology on the main screen that provides an intuitive experience. The IGT Crystal Slant Gaming Machine includes spectacular game play mechanics, lights, and audio to attract and engage gamers. This video slot machine includes an external USB charging port that allows players to charge their smartphones and other types of devices. The locks and reset switches are easy to access on the IGT Crystal Slant Video Slot Machine for service purposes. All locks and reset keys can be adjusted on the front of the video game machine. This game system also includes external accessible air filters.

  • Provides an enhanced yet familiar player experience with improved game play mechanics, monitor resolution, lighting and sound that keep players engaged

  • Modern cabinet design with ergonomic comfort features and conveniences will attract players and increase time on device

  • Superior serviceability and reliability will reduce strain on staff resources, increasing ROI


  • Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) – Improved game play content – Physical “Repeat Bet” button – Player accepted – Improved reliability

  • Improved monitor resolution and clarity – Full HD LCD: 1920 X 1080 resolution – PCT Touch Technology (main screen), and premium LCD panels for superior image clarity, color vibrancy, and better viewing angles

  • Intelligent cabinet lighting – Improved attracts and celebrations


  • More ergonomic – Large player panel with a larger wrist support then the Universal Slant gaming machine – Large bash button that fits nicely in the player’s hand – More leg room

  • Aesthetics – Black chrome is featured on high end leading products – Consistency in look between the CrystalDual®, CrystalCore®, and S3000® gaming machines – Customers recognize IGT cabinets more easily – Video topper for increased merchandising

  • Built-in external USB charging port – Players can charge their phones or other USB-powered devices at the machine for extended, uninterrupted play sessions


  • Improved access to commonly serviced components – Dedicated drop door – External accessible air filters

  • Easy access to locks and reset switches – All locks and reset keys are located on the front of the machine

  • Decreased installation time – Locks located in easy-to-reach locations – Integrated grip on top of machine to assist with moving

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Specifications Dimensions
Weight  348 lbs
Weight (W/Topper) 370 lbs
Projected footprint 6.6 ft2

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