IGT AXXIS 23/23 Gaming Machine

The revolution is here!


Fully-integrated cabinet lighting and crisp high-resolution graphics draw players in. An extensive library of high-performing game titles keeps them engaged. Ergonomic designs keep them comfortable. And all of this makes you successful. Born from the huge success of the AXXIS® 3D Gaming Machine, the AXXIS® 23/23 Gaming Machine incorporates the latest electronics, ease of serviceability, and unmatched reliability to bring the perfect balance of form and function to the for-sale space.

  • Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) – Improved game play content – Player accepted – Improved reliability – Bash buttons: Physical, dual (left & right) “Repeat Bet” buttons – Ability to lock bet panel to eliminate errant screen touches

  • Improved monitor resolution and clarity – Full HD LCD: 1920 X 1080 resolution – PCT Touch Technology (main screen), and premium LCD panels for superior image clarity, color vibrancy, and better viewing angles – Zero bezel design for larger user-perceived screen area

  • Cabinet lighting – Full color frame lighting with unique top light feature – Designed to enhance game presentation and visibility – Clear visual differentiation with high recognition value – Improved attracts and celebrations including lights that sync to game experience, music, and sounds

  • Video topper – 21.5” display size – Slim modern design with large front face graphic or video for better game visibility – 360° viewable, game synchronized, full-surround lighting for increased floor presence and recognition


  • Ergonomics – Wider cabinet stance and extended deck for more personal space – Comfort aspects traditionally only found on slant-style cabinets – Large player panel with increased wrist support – Large left and right “Repeat Bet” buttons with additional attention on providing a smooth and easy button press action without sacrificing the satisfying tactile response

  • Built-in external USB charging port – Players can charge their phones or other USB-powered devices at the machine for extended, uninterrupted play sessions


  • Improved access to commonly serviced components – Main door access to bill validator head and printer – Dedicated drop door

  • Easy access to locks and reset switches – All locks and reset keys are located on the front of the machine

  • Additional front serial tag for easy viewing on wider cabinet

Specifications Dimensions
Weight (w/o Base) 275.58 lbs
Projected footprint 5.05 ft2

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