ICE Gold Fishin’

The third installment of the hit “Carnival Series”. This ticket redemption game will have you and your opponent head to head as you try to get the ball into the desired fish tank! With excitement and adrenaline heightened, there’s no reason anyone should be left out! Gold Fishing is truly a game for ALL ages and is a fun spin on the classic midway game. ICE decided to take a fun spin on the classic midway game that everyone knows and loves. With single and versus play options, don’t worry, redemption will be served! Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that your hands will be filling with tickets!


Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 42″ 48″
Height 92″ 96″
Length 107.5″ 85″
Weight 910 lbs
Power Consumption 6 Amps

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