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Gotham City Fight Club

Get ready to join the fight! Gotham City Films have created a truly competitve and physical VR fighting experience with Gotham City Fight Club! Players will compete head-to-head in intense VR boxing matches to deliver knockout blows against their opponents. Utilizing wireless VR headsets and individual boxing rings, this freeroaming experience gives players greater movement and flexibility to try out their own unique fighting styles.

Future cash prize tournaments for players are in the pipeline along with an exciting lineup of celebrity events, including sports commentator Al Bernstein, to help promote the game. If players decide to take a break from the intense 2 player action, there is also an exciting single player game mode to try. This very active game is easy to operate and it will attract large crowds in any location or entertainment venue!

  • Wireless VR Headsets & Controllers

  • Intense 2-Player Competitive Gameplay in Individual Free Roam Boxing Rings

  • 55″ HD Screens to Show All the VR Action

  • Additional Single Player Game Mode


Gotham City Films

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