Global VR Blazing Angels

Green label WWII arcade action comes to life in Blazing Angels. Take to the skies and test your combat skills fighting in true World War II battles. Test your mettle as a fighter pilot in 6 WWII Campaigns (easy, medium or hard difficulty) that include London, Africa, Pearl Harbor, Midway, Rabaul and Ardennes. Beat a medium or hard scenario and fly an amazing bonus level… Berlin. From the dogfights to clearly defined mission and objectives, players will engage in combat action that will keep them coming back again and again.


  • Flight Model is Realistic Yet Easy to Control

  • Clearly Marked Targets Make it Easy to Locate Enemies

  • 360 Degree Battlefield Giving Players a Full Flight Model

  • Perform Loop de Loops or Turn the Plane Around to Finish Off a Target

  • Multiple Mission Objectives

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 40″
Depth 74″
Height 79″
Weight 560 lbs

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