Cantaloupe ePort G9 Vending Machine Credit Card Reader

All of the functionality of Cantaloupe’s popular, NFC-enabled ePort G8, plus new features. The ePort G9 includes all of the functionality of Cantaloupe’s NFC-enabled ePort G8, plus new features designed to bring more value to businesses through expanded acceptance options, consumer engagement offerings, and advanced diagnostics.



  • Super Data Protection. The G9 transmits strongly encrypted data to PCI-Compliant ePort Connect.

  • Fast Transaction Processing. The G9’s ARM 9 processor drives some of the fastest authorization responses in the industry.

  • Maximum Data Capture. Supports Isolated Pulse interface with configurable timing to similar coin mechanisms and bill validators; keeps track of cash, credit and contactless transactions through DEX Telemetry reports.

  • Mobile ready. Magnetic card reader with NFC contactless capabilities.

  • Consumer engagement services. Stored value, prepaid programs, supports Mobile Wallet promotional program.

  • Cross-platform Compatability. Provides seamless integration with all major VMS systems. The G9 telemeter is also available separately as an audit-only device as well as for use with non-USAT card readers

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