Cantaloupe ePort G9 Telemeter

The ePort G9 telemeter can be used as part of the two-piece ePort G9 card reader and telemeter package or as a stand-alone, audit-only device (and with other card reading hardware), sending M2M telemetry data such as DEX, XLS, CSV or other forms of machine/kiosk operational data via the ePort Connect network. The ePort G9 Telemeter is compatible with most major route management software systems and allows an easy upgrade to cashless later.


G9 Telemeter Features:

  • “SERVICE” button, >>”FILL/DEX” button, and an >>”END” button

  • A dedicated RSSI button for signal strength testing

  • MDB Interface

  • Integrated DEX interface port (no separate cables needed)

  • Diagnostic Display on unit to simplify configuration

  • Supports isolated pulse interface with configurable timing to simulate coin mechanisms and bill validators

  • Water resistant

  • Supports multiple mounting configurations

  • External relay control so you can turn on an external device with a credit card

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