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Bay Tek Entertainment Dizzy Chicken

Don’t be a chicken!

This obnoxiously fun game is eye-candy for all ages. Players plunge the ball into the spiral of lights, trying to land on the green target. Tickets are awarded according to where the ball lands. If it lands on the green light or any red lights, the player instantly wins tickets plus a chance to win even more in the bonus round. Landing on the green target one more time wins the big ticket bonus- finesse is the key!

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Part 1 Part 2
Width 66″ 72″ 68″
Height 111″ (80″ w/o marquee) 85″ 23″
Depth 74″ (44′ w/o bench) 54″ 38″
Weight 870 lbs 995 lbs 140 lbs

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