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The excitement of tomorrow’s technology today!

The future is here with Pix Place. Its giant 32″ monitor attracts you right to the front of the machine. Its contemporary styling relates to today’s digital-minded audience. Its small footprint goes anywhere, and its incredible software is cutting edge. Hook-up remote monitors. Create videos with voice messages. Connect to social networks. Collect email. Choose your photo format… Pix Place has it all. If your location is thinking about tomorrow, think Pix Place. Can any other photo booth do this?


  • 32″ touch screen monitor

  • Prints 4.6 prints, double sets of photo strips, postcards, fun backgrounds and holiday borders

  • Connects to social networks including Facebook and Twitter

  • Sends email and captures email addresses

  • Records audio and video

  • Remote auditing system

  • Credit/debit card capability

  • No set-up, just plug & play!

  • Fits into bars, movie theaters and restaurants

  • Includes DBA & stacker

  • Free upgradeable software

  • Captures photos on flash drive

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 32″
Height 69.5″
Length 25″
Weight 450 lbs

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