Apple Industries Face Place Deluxe Mall Edition

Create a new revenue stream for your location while providing a fun entertainment to your visitors! The wide selection of themed photo strips available from our photo booth have become the perfect way to capture a moment with family and friends. With technologies like Smile 2.0, consumers can now print and share photos directly from the booth to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. With LED lighting, external screen, audio sounds and eye-catching decals, the Deluxe Mall photo booth will be an ideal addition to your location!


  • Black and white photo strips

  • Color photo strips

  • 4×6 photos

  • Fun backgrounds and holiday borders

  • Touch screen navigation

  • Connects to social networks, sends emails and captures email addresses

  • Remote auditing system

  • Credit/Debit card capability

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 36″
Height 83″
Length 70″
Weight 875 lbs

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