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365 Retail Markets AirVend

Innovating Your Vending Experience

AirVend is an attachable touchscreen accessory that allows operators to become more engaged with their vending experience. It is a touchscreen vending peripheral that allows existing vending machines to accept a wide variety of payment options and display nutritional information in compliance with new federal regulations. Take the next step to increasing revenue and sales with a new AirVend device.

  • Display nutritional information for all vending product options to users, right on the screen

  • AirVend is a powerful computing device with a capacitive touchscreen, allowing for a rich user experience

  • Get all the newest AirVend innovations with easy, over-the-air updates to the software

  • Email and SMS text message alerts notifying you of malfunctions and low inventory situations

 Specifications Location Dimensions (AirVend 7) Location Dimensions (AirVend 5)
Width 6 1/8″ 4/18″
Height 8″ 5 3/4″
Depth 2 1/2″ 2 1/2

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