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m3t RT1016 Self-Serve Kiosk SKU:rt1016

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The Next Generation of Self-Serve Kiosk

Ticket Redemption /  Financial Services / Bill Breaking / Player's Club



The Next Generation of Self-Serve Kiosk

Ticket Redemption /  Financial Services / Bill Breaking / Player's Club

The RT1016 takes security to all new levels. We have thickened the steel for the entire cabinet structure and completely changed the locking mechanism. We have also added an internal door over the bottom section of the cabinet, further securing the bill dispenser and bill acceptor. Such security adds weight and rigidity to the overall design.

Redesigned LED Attractant Lighting
Redesigned lighting on the RT1016 further separates it from the competition. This unit has individually controlled low heat LED's. By controlling them individually, you can now create a custom light show to reflect any holiday or promotional event.

22" HD Color Touch Screen
The full color 22" HD ELO touch screen sets the RT1016 apart from the competition. The size and quality of this screen allows for easy customer interface, as well as split screen functionality for marketing and advertising. 

Player's Club
The RT1016 provides a platform for Player's Club activity as well. We have added a bar code/QR code scanner to the door to allow patrons to scan these codes from their cell phones or mailers. This scanner will significantly improve your interaction with the customer. We have also designed our software solution to support the scanning of a driver's license for populating the enrollment data in the player's club.

Large Bill Dispensing Capacity
With up to 5 - 2,000 bill capacity cartridges in its Fujitsu bill dispenser, the RT1016 provides the flexibility and capacity to accommodate the highest traffic locations with fewer cash fills.This capacity will greatlly reduce the number of required service visits per week.

Financial Services (Pin Pad Upgrade Required)
This kiosk will provide financial services that you never knew existed on a kiosk. We are introducing new features such as Cash Advance on Credit, POS Debit, Check Cashing, Pre-Paid Visa/Player's Card loading and balance transfer, along with our more traditional ATM features. These features will, without a doubt, drive more gaming revenue to your locations.

Power Conditioning
A significant improvement in the RT1016 is the power conditioner. We have included in our standard build, a Powervar power conditioner and battery backup. This unit is designed to bring the unit back up in the event of a power failure and provide a level of data and interaction for the customer unsurpassed in the industry. We have also added line conditioners to the bulkhead to protect the unit from any electrical charge over the communication lines. 

Solid State Drive in PC
The RT1016 comes standard with a solid state drive in the PC. This improvement allows for quicker response to guest requests, improved data security, longer life cycle, greater reliability and lower heat output. 


Dispenser 2,000 Note Capacity Per Cartridge (Up to 5 per Kiosk)
- Base Model Comes Standard with 3 Cartridges
Coin Hopper Base Model Comes Standard with Three(3) Commercial Capacity Coin Hoppers (.25, .05, .01)
- Quarters: 1,500
- Nickels: 1,800
- Pennies: 2,630
Note Acceptor Options 1,200 Note Capacity - Base Model
2,200 Note Capacty - Upgrade Option
Receipt Printer Options 7" Paper Roll Capacity (prints receipt internally, cuts receipt and presents to customer)
Pin Pad Options Upgrade option required for conducting financial services transactions
Power Conditioning Powervar Power Conditioner and Battery Backup, also includes power conditioners on all communication lines connected to the unit.
Security Internal and external doors locked with safe locking mechanism.
PC Comes standard with Solid State Drive for greater reliability, improved data protection and lower heat.
Player's Club Fully integrated with m3t's Player's Club module
Unit Weight 900 lbs
Cloud Monitoring Fully integrated with M3T Route Management System for real-time RT and VGT monitoring.
GLI Tested and Certified  

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